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Stress Free Excellence

Smart Children • Holistic Growth • Happiness as a way of life

6 Domains of Life

5 Level Path to Holistic Excellence

5 In-built Measures of Success

When you Children Start their Life and Career, Education alone is not enough - Are you worried what else is needed?

Is your Children considering education & study as pain?

Do you feel that Parent - Kid & Teacher - Kid relationship has scope for improvement?

Do you feel that your children is wasting their time & potential?

Are you missing tools and techniques that can make your children everyday better?

Do you want your kid to improve her grades and marks joyfully?

Do you want to your Children to enjoy multiple domains of life and become an inspiration to others?

What will your Current Lifestyle and Beliefs cost you?

Wasted Time & Potential

Missed Opportunities

Lack of Self Awareness

Lack of Energy and Excitement in Life

What will your life look like after the Program

Life is too short to learn all Best Practices and Lessons on your own. Doing so can be Frustrating and Stressful. Go and Become your Best Version

Self & Growth

Know Who you are | Strong Mind & Body | High on Self Confidence | Growth Mindset | Achieve More with Less | Really Alive | Horizontal & Vertical Development

Education & Learning

Improved Marks | Learning as Pleasure | Smart work (Little Hard work) | Multi Domain Focus | World class Tools

Relationships & Accomplishment

Exciting Parent & Teacher Relationship | Gratitude Mindset | Role model of Relationships | Strong Belief System | Achievement as a way of life | Multi Role Wonder

What Makes Us So Different?

We understand Kids, Parents & Teacher challenges. We have been there.

12 World class coaches best practices in one place | 300+ World-class tools and process to help you | Author of 50 Secrets to a fantastic life and career | Expert Speaker in Colleges & Corporates

Grow at your pace and convenience

50 Secrets to a Fantastic Life and Career_3D

Finally, here is a self-help book which is totally competitive to any international publication. My gut feeling says that it can get into the ‘golden shelf’ with about a million copies if marketed well. Mr. Venkatesh Athreya has really hit the nail on the head with 50 sharp strikes detailing the skills one needs to face life and career.
The book is a ‘complete book’ – brings knowledge, skills, reflections, self-evaluation and small applications – almost mentoring each reader showing them the “Road ahead” - G Balasubramanian - Former Director, CBSE

50 Secrets Grouped under 5 Categories

5 Categories Include Foundation, Life Changing Tools, Accelerators, Mind & Body, Career

Reflections, Self Evaluation and Small actions for Each Secret

Lots of Tools and Techniques to help you in everyday life

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I have started to prioritise better which has never been my quality. I have become more aware about myself. I now know what I am good at and that has built my confidence. I have started to believe that small actions and consistency gets results. I am more happy than ever before. I have become more grateful and calm. I have understood the power of subconscious mind


I am seeing a very good positive change in me. I am viewing all my challenges as possibilities. I am sure if we follow this program, it will do great ourselves. Looking forward to more sessions and also to a optimistic future


Atherya is not only good at briefing about the individual talent..he is great at spreading positivity and has a great energy for motivating people

What’s My Investment?

How much of time has been wasted in the past and How much will be wasted in future? How much of your Kid’s true potential will never be known to them and the world? How many times you have compared your kid with others and felt inferior? How many life changing opportunities will be missed if you do not take action now? How many years of Children years we miss as parent?


Live Workshop

Dates and Location

Program NameCategoryDateVenueCoachVideoMore InformationRegistration
Be a WinnerLife & Time Mastery3rd March 2019Gokulam Park, Ashok Nagar, ChennaiVenkatesh Athreya & Sudha Athreya

Await, Exciting Details coming soon!

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