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  Become a Winner  

  Win your Days • Win your Months • Win your Years 

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Achieve your Desires and Become a Winner

Is your Days, Months and Years happening by Accident than Intention?

Is your current Lifestyle focusing on Non Important things?

Do you have beliefs that is holding you back to achieve what you desire?

Are years passing by without change in Real YOU?

Are you missing tools and techniques that can make your your days, months and years better?

Are you frustrated with the Gap between your Desire and Reality?

Are you feeling Busy yet not productive at the end of most of days?

What is your Lack of Goals and Improper Time Management costing you?

Missed Opportunities

Feeling Struck

Limiting Beliefs

Waste of your Precious Time

Unfulfilled Dreams

Inaction and Guilt

What will your life look like after the Workshop

Time and You are the most costliest resource in this world. Your Every year is supposed to be awesome. Go and Create your Best 12 months every year

Daily Wins

Focus on What is Important | Improved Self Confidence | More Daily Wins | Conscious and Subconscious Mind in action Daily

Monthly Wins

Achievement as a way of Life | More Positive Emotions | Leverage Best Practices

Yearly Wins

Winner Mindset | A Life you designed | Unlimited Future Opportunities

What Makes this Workshop so Unique and Different?

We listened and know you want a proven tools and techniques for Managing your Time and Achieving your Life Goals

World class Tools and Techniques on Goal achievement and Time management in one place | End to End Process Coverage | Most Unique workshop with Conscious and Subconscious Mind Focus | Author of 50 Secrets to a Fantastic Life and Career

Grow at your pace and convenience

50 Secrets to a Fantastic Life and Career_3D

Finally, here is a self-help book which is totally competitive to any international publication. My gut feeling says that it can get into the ‘golden shelf’ with about a million copies if marketed well. Mr. Venkatesh Athreya has really hit the nail on the head with 50 sharp strikes detailing the skills one needs to face life and career.
The book is a ‘complete book’ – brings knowledge, skills, reflections, self-evaluation and small applications – almost mentoring each reader showing them the “Road ahead” - G Balasubramanian - Former Director, CBSE

50 Secrets Grouped under 5 Categories

5 Categories Include Foundation, Life Changing Tools, Accelerators, Mind & Body, Career

Reflections, Self Evaluation and Small actions for Each Secret

Lots of Tools and Techniques to help you in everyday life

available on


AH Balamukundan
Mid Career

Very good session with good introspection for yourself. Scenarios/Situations where this could be implemented was explained very well. Overall, a very good day. Thanks for your time

AJ Mahesh

Very nice workshop and wonderful session. Really helped in my transformation from where i started the day. Lot of positivity and view towards future has a perfect picture now

Rajesh Soundararajan

Workshop brought in heightened awareness. Session was engaging, conversational and exciting. After the workshop, have greater clarity, focus and actions.

What’s My Investment?

How many lakhs of Rupees was wasted in the past in the form of your wasted time? How many Crores of Rupees will be wasted in future in the form of your wasted time? How many opportunities have you failed to realise? How many days would have been more happier had you followed your life desires? How many more Success would have been created had you used your Time more effectively and efficiently?

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Dates and Location

Program NameCategoryDateVenueCoachVideoMore InformationRegistration
Be a WinnerLife & Time Mastery3rd March 2019Gokulam Park, Ashok Nagar, ChennaiVenkatesh Athreya & Sudha Athreya

Come, let us create the life you dreamt of

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