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I have started to prioritise better which has never been my quality. I have become more aware about myself. I now know what I am good at and that has built my confidence. I have started to believe that small actions and consistency gets results. I am more happy than ever before. I have become more grateful and calm. I have understood the power of subconscious mind


I am seeing a very good positive change in me. I am viewing all my challenges as possibilities. I am sure if we follow this program, it will do great ourselves. Looking forward to more sessions and also to a optimistic future


Very good session with good introspection for yourself. Scenarios/Situations where this could be implemented was explained very well. Overall, a very good day. Thanks for your time

AH Balamukundan
Mid Career

Very nice workshop and wonderful session. Really helped in my transformation from where i started the day. Lot of positivity and view towards future has a perfect picture now

AJ Mahesh

Workshop brought in heightened awareness. Session was engaging, conversational and exciting. After the workshop, have greater clarity, focus and actions.

Rajesh Soundararajan

Class was wonderful. Lot of takeaways. Will have more focus in whatever i do. Thanks for your guidance. Way the workshop was structured and taken, we never knew how the time went

Asha Jyothi
Mid Career

Great session with More clarity as we move forward. Thanks for continued support and guidance.

Prem Kumar

An eye opener session I would say. Thank you so much for teaching simple and powerful techniques to be followed to achieve bigger goals in life. I was hesitant about few things in life and was not taking them seriously. But after todays session, I am confident, will give a different colour to them and work on it. Wish you more success and grow very big. God Bless you


Atherya is not only good at briefing about the individual talent..he is great at spreading positivity and has a great energy for motivating people


Thanks Atherya for the wonderful habits workshop. It really opened up a new perspective in my thinking and really motivated to see life and problems in different sphere. Thanks for your time and wonderful session.


Superb Atherya. Inspired me to experiment myself. Really ready to take on the world with tiny steps.

Vidhya Shankar

It has been a privilege to be part of this wonderful program that has changed my life completely. Just a few months ago, I was a teen who was having a lot of complex in her life and didn’t know how to feel about her life. After I started this program, I feel that I am on a ship voyaging in the sea of life to find the best version of myself. Now I know how to find the real joy and happiness in every little thing that happens in my life. Now I look at life as an amazing place which has lot of opportunities. I have started to discover myself a lot better. I am now a confident and satisfied individual who knows what her attributes are and how can she use it to enhance her life a lot more. I thank my coach Venky uncle and Sudha Aunty, who have taught and guided me to lead a fantastic and a beautiful life.


I've personally trained Venkatesh Atherya in the art and science of career design. He is capable of helping adults through a career change, and young people through making an original choice.

Nicholas Lore
Career Scientist & Founder - Rockport Institute

Atherya beings a warm & powerful presence to the professional coaching, his willingness to challenge, and his ability to help others to expand their thinking.

Chad Hall
MCC President | Coach Approach Ministries

This is the best program I have ever atteneded on personal growth. Nowhere I have seen this kind of focus & guidance. Really Indebted to Atherya. His commitment towards the growth of the participants is amazing. Personal touch is the key here and he guides personally and ensures that participants leverage the knowledge he gained. Highly professionally, extremely committed.


To put it in a single line "It's Different". You are now touching my core values and fundamental of how I think and work. Atherya way of working has a real truth and honesty along with the right mixture of professionalism. All the best and good luck.

Modh Kumar

Atherya is the best coach philosopher as well as a good guide. He reads the mind of client instantly and and addresses the issue accurately. I feel very lucky to have a coach like him. Thank God & God Bless him

Home Maker

Venky has a clear vision, very good knowledge and great techinques to help other reach their goals we are meant to. When I speak to him, I know he is doing this for me, he is doing this for others, he personally want all of us to grow, and not for the sake of the program. That makes a huge difference


Great approach & passion