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Super Productive • Multi Role Wonder • An Employee nobody can Layoff

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Current Employee Mindset and Preparedness are not enough for the Future? Do you want to Stand out from the Crowd and want to be part of Elite Few

Do you have Job Mindset as against a Career Mindset?

Are you feeling less excited when you are in office?

Are you Worried or Feeling Insecure about your future?

Do you want to be in the Top Performer's List in your Company?

Are you seeing challenges in your Health, Finance, Relationship & Fun?

You know you have to be awesome. But, do not know how?

What is your Current Job, Lifestyle and Beliefs costing you?

Stress, Frustration, Guilt and Disappointment

Missed Opportunities (Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly)

Fear of Layoff

Waste of your Life & Precious Time

Avoidable Diseases

Lack of Fulfillment

What will your life look like after the program

You are destined to be awesome. ONE LIFE that we have is too short to feel frustrated, disappointed, stressed. Do not get struck. Go and Create the Life you dreamt of. It is easier than you think to Stand out from the Crowd


Know Who you are | Strengths Focus | High on Self Confidence | Awesome Personal & Professional Relationships | Growth Mindset


Career with Happiness and Growth | Financial and Peace abundance | No Competition | Work Life Integration


Accomplishment & Happiness as a way of Life | Multi Role wonder | Super Productive in all areas of Life

What Makes Us So Different?

Like you, we care about your growth

12 World class coaches best practices in one place | 300+ World-class tools and process to help you | Author of 50 Secrets to a fantastic life and career | Chartered Accountant with 20 years of Successful Corporate Experience | Worked with 100's of organisations | Part of 1000's of Recruitments | Part of 100's of Appraisals | Helped 100's of people in their development, promotion and growth

Grow at your pace and convenience

50 Secrets to a Fantastic Life and Career_3D

Finally, here is a self-help book which is totally competitive to any international publication. My gut feeling says that it can get into the ‘golden shelf’ with about a million copies if marketed well. Mr. Venkatesh Athreya has really hit the nail on the head with 50 sharp strikes detailing the skills one needs to face life and career.
The book is a ‘complete book’ – brings knowledge, skills, reflections, self-evaluation and small applications – almost mentoring each reader showing them the “Road ahead” - G Balasubramanian - Former Director, CBSE

50 Secrets Grouped under 5 Categories

5 Categories Include Foundation, Life Changing Tools, Accelerators, Mind & Body, Career

Reflections, Self Evaluation and Small actions for Each Secret

Lots of Tools and Techniques to help you in everyday life

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Atherya is not only good at briefing about the individual talent..he is great at spreading positivity and has a great energy for motivating people


It has been a privilege to be part of this wonderful program that has changed my life completely. Just a few months ago, I was a teen who was having a lot of complex in her life and didn’t know how to feel about her life. After I started this program, I feel that I am on a ship voyaging in the sea of life to find the best version of myself. Now I know how to find the real joy and happiness in every little thing that happens in my life. Now I look at life as an amazing place which has lot of opportunities. I have started to discover myself a lot better. I am now a confident and satisfied individual who knows what her attributes are and how can she use it to enhance her life a lot more. I thank my coach Venky uncle and Sudha Aunty, who have taught and guided me to lead a fantastic and a beautiful life.

Nicholas Lore
Career Scientist & Founder - Rockport Institute

I've personally trained Venkatesh Atherya in the art and science of career design. He is capable of helping adults through a career change, and young people through making an original choice.

What’s My Investment?

Research says close to 70% of employees are not engaged.  40% of the daily productive time is lost . Most in corporates are categorised as “Rat Racers”. We have 70% of the diseases that are avoidable. Fixed Mindset, A mindset of complaints & Job Vs Career Mindset

-How many Lakhs and Crores are we losing by wasting the costliest resources on a daily basis – Time and Each one of us?

-How many key moments we have missed that has the potential to make great business opportunities?

-How many Key Employees, Customers, Partners & Relationships have we lost?

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Program NameCategoryDateVenueCoachVideoMore InformationRegistration
Be a WinnerLife & Time Mastery3rd March 2019Gokulam Park, Ashok Nagar, ChennaiVenkatesh Athreya & Sudha Athreya

Come, let us create the life you dreamt of

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