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Live your Values – Do not Compromise

Live your Values – Do not Compromise

Values are what is important to you in your life. Unlike purpose, values change and needs to be revisited.

Easy way to check if you are operating from your values or others values is to ask a simple question at the end of each day – How was your today ? If “It is great”, fact could be that you are operating from your values even if you are not aware what those values are. If not, you could be living others values. Nobody is happy if they are going to live others values even if it happens to be father, mother, spouse or his manager values

As things keep changing in your life and you evolve, so does your values. What was important as a kid changes when you enter college. What was important in college changes when you have your family. What was important when you got married changes when you have a kid which again changes when you become old.

Will try to explain difference between Values and Meaning through a metaphor. Imagine a ship and you are the captain of the ship. For the ship, Compass shows the overall direction for reaching is destination. This is equivalent to Purpose or Meaning for a human being that gives the overall direction to reach our destiny. On the other hand, Steering wheel is what controls each step whether to take right or left or go straight. This is equivalent to Values for a human being that gives them the direction on a moment to moment basis. If we can know OUR COMPASS (Purpose / Meaning) and OUR STEERING WHEEL (Values), Life will be more complete

Value unlike Meaning or Purpose is not static. It changes on an ongoing basis and hence it is imperative to review in for its validity. As value changes, it is important to realise and accomodate this change so that you feel happy on everyday basis

  • If you have identified your Values and working from your values, you WILL
    • Be happy on a daily basis with more positive emotions
    • Have Better relationships as you will also understand other’s values and thereby not forcing your values on them
    • Life day to day activities will be easy and you will take right decisions

Wish you luck and Growth


Venkatesh Athreya

Founder – Path2selfgrowth

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