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The 3 surprising ways a life coach impacts your life

coach impacts your life

The 3 surprising ways a life coach impacts your life

Do you  ever wonder why only Sports people or celebrities or top leaders have coach and not every human being in this world. When I ask this question to my clients, I generally get 2 answers – 1. Availability of good coaches 2. They are expensive There is a more important reason –  If you are a sports person or top leader or celebrity, there is only one option in front of you – That is being Excellent. If not, you are out of your industry soon. On the other hand, most of us have accepted “Mediocrity” as way in all walks of life.

There are a big list of benefits of having a coach by your side. Out of all the benefits, I am going to discuss 3 most important benefits that you will get that has the power to make your best version

Coach helps in getting Awareness – Power of new insights

We are in fast pace world and part of rat race that means that we are hardly aware of so many great things happening for and around us in the world. You just need to take a day off, be relaxed and stand in a road signal with a cup of coffee and watch people race through. You will see mad rush of people and traffic. This example  can be extended to show how we start our day at home, how we work in office and how we spend our after office hours. The biggest casualty due to this fast paced life is “Awareness” as it needs a bit of presence and effort from our side

Awareness has the power to create a new you in every minute. One of the most important objective of the coach is to bring this awareness in any conversations. We are not talking about things the client is already aware. Awareness is an any new insight that you were not aware of a minute ago and with the new insight can view every aspect of life and relationship in a new way. Coach is skilled to bring in awareness in you and your life situations that could potentially create a new you. Awareness could be about you, about the people you interact with, your new life goal, the career that you are dreaming for, could be about a life situation, about your past, about your future, about your belief, about your dream and many more possibilities.

Lack of awareness could be the biggest bottleneck in your life and might be the single important reason why you will not achieve what you are truly capable of and end up living a mediocre life, live a life of accident than intention, live a life with focus on trivial things than what is really important, have average relationships Vs role model of relationships and live a life created by others than what you wanted. The moment you get new awareness, you will start looking at the life in a completely different way that could change the way you live every day and change the way you view your past and expect your future.

Coach helps you in taking Action that has the power to change anything

If you take the world, there are many people who are not aware of themselves completely and which is the reason they have problems ranging from low self-confidence, low self-esteem, living a life of accident to name a few. Awareness is the first step for growth. Having said that, merely being aware is not enough. Awareness without action will keep you where you are and in fact, will make you feel more guilty as you have more knowledge that is not being used. Compared to this, not being aware is a better option. I would never prefer to have anyone to be “JUST AWARE” as that is sure way of living a unfulfilled life and not reaching their true potential

Awareness followed by Action is a great combination and can take you to a journey that you can hardly dream today.

Taking action is the only way you can

  • Overcome challenges and even Life crisis
  • Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes
  • Accomplish Small and Big Goals
  • Create More Positive emotions
  • Create Great relationships
  • Create abundance
  • Have Great health
  • Have a fulfilled Life
  • Create a Fantastic Career
  • Create a LIFE YOU WANT

Though important, action is the most difficult to take. Coach is skilled to help you design and take actions through various ways that suit you. Coach will not help you design actions but also will help you take that accountability which is the difference between having a goal and achieving it.

Coach helps in maintaining Consistency as occasional success is only LUCK

Compared to awareness or action, Consistency is easier as you already have the momentum coming from taking action, experience of more positive emotions that comes from accomplishment and celebration of actions.  If you have come this far, your brain is slowly getting redesigned and wanting to experience the action more. So, resistance that is part of Initial action phase is gone. It also means that you have better control of your Actions. Though this is the best place to be in because you are aware and started taking actions but could completely halt the journey if not given proper attention to. If you could recollect all January 1st resolution, it all had awareness and action but lacked consistency where they could not go beyond few weeks. In fact, all gyms will close if everyone who enrolled on January 1st continue actively for 1 year as they will never find place for so many

If you are used to consistency and you are known for your consistency in your circles, you will stand out from the crowd. This brings in more credibility as your words and actions are aligned, inspiration as people like you to show by actions that just tell, trust you and more importantly look up to you as role model.

No Highly successful people have been termed as “ONE TIME WONDER” or “LUCKY” as they have shown remarkable consistency. In fact, it is not that highly successful people are consistent rather Because they are highly consistent, they are highly successful people. Coach helps the clients to maintain the necessary consistency to achieve goals. When things go well, they encourage and support clients to do that more. Also, help them to celebrate which is a way of getting more positive emotions that will help the client rewire the brain. when things are not going well for the client as planned, they bring in support to be flexible, helps adjust goal and actions to reflect reality so that success momentum is not lost


    • Have you got Coached in the past. How has this helped you?
    • Which area of life will be better if you have the opportunity to be coached
    • If you have support in an area of challenge, how will you go ahead in life

Note: If you want to become a coach, My friend Kristie has included some very good information in her new blog that will be of immense value to you. Please read her blog in the above link

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