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Meaningful Goals – Make it as part of your LIFE (Part 2)


Meaningful Goals – Make it as part of your LIFE (Part 2)

In the previous post, we discussed about the importance and type of goals. We now move on to a very important topic – How to identify my goals and most importantly in which area of life. We will try to share few insights here that will help you identify your goals and focus area that will make your day to day life more exciting and fulfilled.

Goals are highly personal and it should be noted that what is goal for a person might not create any connection to another person. Unless the goal makes personal connection and meaning to the individual, they will not have the desired momentum and motivation to action. Having said that, the right goal creates energy that will push you to take action and make progress. This is why we are sharing this the exercise and completing the same is  so important as you will go through a very personal journey, introspect it from multiple ways, think of ways you have never thought about a particular area. Do review and ponder over the outcome as much as possible in your head and if possible, with a trusted person in your life who can add value to you

For this, we have created a tool that has detailed instructions on how to go about identifying areas of life that will reveal reality Vs desire and design action plan for steps to reach the “DESIRED STATE”.

Remember, Success comes to those who are ready to move out of their comfort zone, ready to take intentional effort to pursue goal or purpose that  makes meaning to them 

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