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Meaningful Goals – Make it as part of your LIFE (Part 1)


Meaningful Goals – Make it as part of your LIFE (Part 1)

Welcome to this new initiative from path2selfgrowth family. We hope you find this useful and beneficial

Goal Setting (Part 1)

Importance of Goals 

One of the most important aspect for fulfilled life is to have periodic goals, achieving it, redefining and achieving it again. Accomplishment is a positive emotion which has a very unique place in human lives. Goals makes our life more exciting as it has 2 sides to it – Makes our present exciting through the process of action and learning. Makes the future exciting through the process of achievement and sense of pride associated with it

Goals here should be meaningful and personal to you. If you are working on others goals or corporate goals which you do not share as your value or purpose, it will not lead to fulfilment. In effect, it is working on a goal for which you are paid and nothing more than that. For you to feel really fulfilled, goal has to happen in your zone (meaning your area of natural talent, strengths, personality type, values and purpose)

Type of Goals

Goals can be small or big.

  • Small goals can be as simple as a small gratitude prayer daily, Drinking 3 litres of water a day or  writing a journal
  • Big goals can be starting your own company, having that perfect positive relationship, Having a six pack

Despite the size of the goal, each goal needs energy, motivation and will power. In our program, we will handle both the types of goals

Smaller goals can be easily hacked through “Tiny Habits” that we  teaching our clients as part of 1/2 a day workshop. This is an amazing hacking tool and Once you follow the process, the same will become automatic and will become part of your life without any reminder from your side.This is called as Habit hacking and will work for all your tiny habits.

Bigger goals need different  technique and more energy, motivation and willpower. Many do not have proper goals that are meaningful and give them excitement in day to day life. Few of those who have defined goals struggle to achieve them due to many reasons. One of the most important reason is being part of “Rat Racer” community. Rat Racer is a term used to define a person who sacrifices his today hoping for a better future. He places his happiness in future and expects someday life will become happier. Sadly, there is enough evidence to show that “tomorrow” never comes up for this category of people.

More meaningful the GOAL is to you and creates connection at a deeper level, you will see that you start TAKING ACTION without procrastination. Generally, procrastination happens when you have to do something are you are not 100% interested. Meaningful GOAL creates a WANT Vs SHOULD and that itself acts as motivation for TAKING ACTION. Once you start taking small action, you will start seeing results and amazing momentum in your journey

NOTE: It is not required to take big action anytime and it is just small steps consistently over a period of time that is going to give big success. Any big goal or dream can be make as tiny steps. For example, say you want to write a book. It feels overwhelming and almost impossible for many. Now let look at this differently. No 200 page or 1000 page book is written in full in 1 day. It is word by word, sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph. If you start looking writing a book as few lines a day, it is going to look as more achievable and most importantly, it will happen. Try this for any of your goal..Make the action as tiny as possible. You will be amazed with the results

In our next edition, we will discuss about how to identify the area of life where we can create goals and strategy to define a goal for your “TODAY”

Happy Reading

Wish you good luck and Growth

Venkatesh Athreya

Founder – Path2selfgrowth

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