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Art of Prioritisation – Skill to Accelerate your ACTION

Art of Prioritisation – Skill to Accelerate your ACTION

Many of us are used to saying

“I have no time”

“I am too busy but yet not feeling fulfilled at the end of day”

“I procrastinate many things in life”

“If at all I can do what i want in life, my life will be more effective”

If you closely look at all the statements, it might seem different yet they all have a close resemblance. We somehow get overwhelmed with so many things happening within and around us. Anytime you are loaded with more information, we get struck and generally look for external motivators or pleasure hoping that would bring the necessary change in us.

Start looking at “Prioritisation” as an art of small steps in a sequential manner that will help you get the prioritised list within matter of minutes. Once you complete the prioritisation this way, you will have your Priority list (which is actually a success list and not mere TODO list) in matter of minutes that will drive you to take actionexperience positive emotion and most importantly bring you to the success momentum that will create loop of action and more excitement into the future. 

This can be done in 2 ways – Manually using a paper and pen OR using an online tool. Pen and Paper is the most easiest and will also help you learn the intricacies of prioritisation. Most importantly, you will learn more and grow

The other option – an online option that I have found very useful is the Prioritisation Grid by Richard Bolles (Thanks to the online version from – This is a great way to prioritise anything in life and even as complex list of 20 items could be prioritised in 15 to minutes that too with more accuracy. I could recollect doing prioritisation for 2 of my clients – they wanted to prioritise the careers that they have in mind basis their natural talents. Once person has listed 18 interested careers and the other has listed 19 careers). We spent 15 minutes and we had the “prioritised list” that was accurate and most important, made them happy

Without both these options also, we could learn this skill just with our brain. Do more intended choices on daily basis and celebrate your decision (irrespective of the fact if that decision gave you success or failure). That way, you are telling your brain to do more of these kind of decisions. Over period of time, you will become awesome in the art of prioritisation

Wish you good Luck and growth

Venkatesh Athreya

Founder – Path2selfgrowth

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